Taking photographs to help families preserve precious moments is one of my absolute favorite things to do! (considering what I do-it should be, right?) But when long time friends ask you to take their family photos, well that just makes the cake sweeter! I adore these two little boys. They make my heart smile. My favorite part of our time together was getting to see how much fun you have as a family. I am so honored to be able to have captured these memories for you!

IMG_3025-Edit IMG_3162

IMG_3212 IMG_3117

IMG_3030 IMG_3226


IMG_3259 (1) IMG_2935


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Being a mother of two little girls I never fully understood the saying ‘Boys will be Boys’. Then I met this little guy. He is non-stop and is into everything he shouldn’t be into. From climbing on walls, digging up the mulch pads, to running through the big open field. This little man is one big bundle of fun. I mean how can you not fall in love with these eyes? Talk about baby blues! I had such sun with this little guy!



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How is it that I get to be so lucky? Today I was given the opportunity to meet the sweetest baby girl and the best big sister there is. Although, this sweet angel was only 9 days new, she was the most wide awake girl and was so interested in what was going on around her. She has the sweetest big sister and the most amazing and loving family! She really made me work for these sleeping pictures! I am so blessed to be able to have spent my Saturday morning with this doll baby.

barr4 IMG_1307Barr16

IMG_1109 IMG_1199


Barr8 Barr22Barr19

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How is it possible that this sweet girl has just turned 6months old? I remember meeting her for the first time, so tiny, and oh so cute. Well, let me tell you, that cuteness has just continued to grow and as always, she has the cutest and best arm rolls…EVER! G is the happiest baby, full of smiles and personality! She is so picture perfect!

2 3


8 1013 24

26  25

31 32

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There is nothing that melts my heart more than watching a sweet little girl with perfect baby curls (in head to toe fashion, I must add) running through the fallen fall leaves. This family is adorable and when they asked me to take their family portraits, I jumped on the opportunity! Thank you for allowing me to capture these beautiful memories!

koehler37 koehler3 koehler38

koehler24 koehler8koehler17 koehler55


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Everyday that I get to take pictures fora family is a day that I cherish. I feel so blessed to be able to help capture such beautiful family moments that will live on forever.

This family is one of my absolute favorite families, not just because our oldest daughters share the same name, but because they are just so nice…I mean soooo nice! I loved every minute of this session. From playing in the leaves to pictures of the dog, this family was just the best. My favorite part is being able to see how in love this family is- it just radiates from them.

chaffee4 chaffee13chaffee1 chaffee20


chaffee16 chaffee8


 chaffee29 chaffee40

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Graduating high school is one of the most exciting times in a young persons life & this beautiful young lady did it (& with this highest academic marks-I must add) What an amazing accomplishment!! I know that she has great things coming her way. Not only is she beautiful, she’s outgoing, smart, and talented. Her future is bright!!

Thank you for allowing me to take your senior pictures! I wish you the best of luck in everything you do, especially college!


ps4 PS1  ps15

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When your best friend is newly engaged its only natural that the photographer friend takes her engagement pictures, right?!?

I was so honored to take these pictures and it was so much fun to watch you interact with one another- I could just see the love beaming from you! I had so much fun walking around the farm (ah hem, riding the 4wheeler), finding the perfect locations, and the cows, of course. For real, how many people get to say that they have some engagement pictures in a canoe and with a cow?!?!

Some of my favorite photos from this session are of you laughing- they truly show how much fun you have together! I am so happy to have been a part of this special moment and wish you all the love and happiness you can handle-which I can bet is A LOT! Congratulations!


pags6 pags26

 pags28 pags25

 pags13 pags12

pags22 pags20 pags16pags15 pags10c pags18pags31

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Could this family be more perfect? I am constantly in awe of how much thought and perfection my clients put into their sessions with me. The C family is no exception to this rule. I mean how ‘on point’ are these outfits? This was such a laid back and easy going family, willing to do all the crazy things I had in mind. I just love how you can see how much in love these new parents are with this little man. Thank you for sticking out the chilly weather (you wouldn’t know it by the smiles on their faces) for these perfect pictures… and don’t you just want to squish this little mans face?


cahoon37 cahoon5cahoon22 2

 cahoon7a cahoon11cahoon18

 cahoon24 cahoon25b


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