Watching this little lady grow up is one of the most amazing things. You get to be a part of this always watching, always changing, and always learning little person’s life. I am always so amazed at how much little ones can learn in six short months. MB you have accomplished so much!





This little lady was so much fun and I’m pretty sure she loved every second of our time together- she was full of smiles, giggles, and life!


img_7626 img_7588

I’m so excited to see what the next six months bring you!

 img_7735 img_7784

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I recently got to spend time with this doll baby!


Isn’t she just the best?

I know I say it all the time, but how am I so lucky? C was so laid back and was ready for her photographic debut. Once her belly was full, her posing was ‘on point’! Check her out for yourself…

img_6735 img_6683img_6691

img_6703 img_6988

I had such a good time getting to know Mom, Dad, and Grandma D! And I treasured being able to spend time with this sweet pea! I mean, how could I not have a blast, they wanted everything girly- from a princess crown, to hair bows, and even the lavender cocoon! This little angel is truly loved!

Check out this hungry little caterpillar!


Congratulations, Mom & Dad!

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When a friend works at a winery and asks you to take her family pictures there, you jump on the opportunity. I am so lucky to have been able to spend my evening here, the views are amazing. Stone Tower Winery was the perfect backdrop for this beautiful family of four!


The weather was defiantly in our favor and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful nights this fall has given us.


It was fun to watch the girls run and get out some of that energy, I bet they slept well for Mom and Dad. Plus it made for some great pictures!

 img_7366 img_7356  img_7147 img_7488

How sweet are they?

Now, our evening was not without the toddler sister dilemmas- like when your little sister steps on your foot- ouch!


So now, let me share with you the beautiful and breath taking golden glow coming into the winery…img_7166

img_7333 img_7414


A beautiful evening for a beautiful family!

*If only the red hair bow gave you superpowers like the jaguar ears!*

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Can someone please pinch me? I was luck to spend some time with this sweet gal & isn’t she just picture perfect?


I was extremely impressed with her sleeping skills! We moved her, wrapped her, unwrapped her, and she rarely woke up. Maybe it was because she kept mom and dad up the whole night before, but Ill take it as a win for everyone!


And I’m pretty sure she was having a pretty great dream, just look at these sweet baby smiles!!



Congratulations, your little gal is simply the best and completely stunning!


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How did I get to be so incredibly lucky? Not only do I get to do what I love, but I have the tiniest and most adorable clients. At 9 days old, Baby B is just perfect!


Seriously, she never cried. But she liked to show off [just a bit] her cute little smile. But of course, as soon as I tried to snap a picture of it, she would instantly stop. However, her sweet squishy face did not disappoint!

img_5492 img_5490

Take a quick minute to see for yourself how precious this little lady is!

img_5537 img_5594

img_5578 img_5641

I do have to give credit where credit is due… She gets it from her parents!

img_5846 img_6092 img_6008

These two are some of the nicest and sweetest people & so relaxed for being first time parents!

And we can’t forget about Grandma!


Welcome to this wonderful world Baby Girl. Congratulations to the B family on the sweetest little lady out there!


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It is with the biggest smile that I get to say G is ONE!


Celebrating a birthday is one of  my favorite things. The anticipation and excitement you get to see when a child opens the gift they have been waiting for is amazing. Birthdays are Happiness, but First Birthdays…Well they are Priceless! What a milestone! Turning One is a huge deal. During this time you have learned to sit, crawl, stand, and start to walk. You have experienced so many new foods, some you love and some you don’t. You have taught yourself to drink out of a cup and straw. And growing- well, you have tripled your birth weight and doubled in height. G, you are a happy, sweet, and sassy little lady. I am so blessed to know you and can not wait to see what your future holds. I know you’re going to great things!

cadence-14 cadence-16

cadence-33 cadence-23


cadence-47 cadence-45cadence-64

Happy Birthday sweet G!

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I could not have asked for a better backdrop. The beaches in the Outer Banks are picture perfect! The only thing that made this better was this amazing family! Really, this family is amazing and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend time with them. How sweet are these two sisters?

Edit-14 Edit-5

I cannot stop looking at this awesome family of four. From the outfit coordination to mom’s willingness to get in the water in white pants, this family was a dream! I love how each individual personality shows in every photo.

Edit-2 Edit-9

Edit-27 Edit-11


But really, how adorable is this family?

Edit-20 Edit-16

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Oh Boy, oh Boy! Can we take a minute to swoon over this totally adorable little guy? Just look at how peaceful he is sleeping there like a little snug bug in a rug!


But let me tell you, he made me work for these sleeping pictures! Oh Boy, did he make me work! From the moment I walked into the house, he was wide-awake and HUNGRY! This little guy can put it away. Just when we thought he was satisfied and ready for his photo debut, he would perk right up and want more food and mommy snuggles. But watching mommy snuggle this little guy was probably my favorite part of our time together- the twinkle in her eye made my heart skip a beat!

This little man is just perfect in everyway. Congratulations to this beautiful family! I can not wait to watch this little guy grow up!


IMG_4310 IMG_4307


IMG_4271 IMG_4282


IMG_4241 IMG_4236

IMG_4153 IMG_4100IMG_4073

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When I get to work with a family that is adventorous and wants to have their newborn session outside; I jump on the opportunity. Natural light is my favorite light! Baby N was the perfect model- seriously, he slept almost the entire session. I was beyond impressed with Mom & Dads enthusiasm toward making this shoot so successful. Thank you for being such amazing ‘assistants’. Your little guy is a dream and sure is lucky to have you as parents!


IMG_3595 IMG_3621IMG_3688

IMG_3726 IMG_3975 IMG_3841IMG_3838

IMG_3905 IMG_3926


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And the award for the most squish-able baby cheeks goes to baby S! Don’t you just want to pull her off your screen and squeeze these cheeks? This sweet little person is going to be well looked after by her two big brothers! It seriously melted my heart when they would walk into the room and say “Awe, look how cute she is with that headband! Why is she naked?” In the end, boys will be boys and little girls with squishy cheeks will steal the hearts on everyone she comes in contact with!


IMG_3408 IMG_3398IMG_3374

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