GL is ONE!

It is with the biggest smile that I get to say G is ONE!


Celebrating a birthday is one of  my favorite things. The anticipation and excitement you get to see when a child opens the gift they have been waiting for is amazing. Birthdays are Happiness, but First Birthdays…Well they are Priceless! What a milestone! Turning One is a huge deal. During this time you have learned to sit, crawl, stand, and start to walk. You have experienced so many new foods, some you love and some you don’t. You have taught yourself to drink out of a cup and straw. And growing- well, you have tripled your birth weight and doubled in height. G, you are a happy, sweet, and sassy little lady. I am so blessed to know you and can not wait to see what your future holds. I know you’re going to great things!

cadence-14 cadence-16

cadence-33 cadence-23


cadence-47 cadence-45cadence-64

Happy Birthday sweet G!



Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life.