Baby S

Oh Boy, oh Boy! Can we take a minute to swoon over this totally adorable little guy? Just look at how peaceful he is sleeping there like a little snug bug in a rug!


But let me tell you, he made me work for these sleeping pictures! Oh Boy, did he make me work! From the moment I walked into the house, he was wide-awake and HUNGRY! This little guy can put it away. Just when we thought he was satisfied and ready for his photo debut, he would perk right up and want more food and mommy snuggles. But watching mommy snuggle this little guy was probably my favorite part of our time together- the twinkle in her eye made my heart skip a beat!

This little man is just perfect in everyway. Congratulations to this beautiful family! I can not wait to watch this little guy grow up!


IMG_4310 IMG_4307


IMG_4271 IMG_4282


IMG_4241 IMG_4236

IMG_4153 IMG_4100IMG_4073



Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life.

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